Paulette is a personal development coach, spiritual mentor and quantum healing practitioner. Using the CoRe Inergetix quantum device, she acts as an intercessor to release her clients from accumulated pain, unhealthy beliefs and blocked energy.

Paulette’s life is a rich tapestry of learned and practiced skills including: business coaching, stress management and burnout consultancy, and trauma healing in war zones. Added skills include: NLP, hypnotherapy, therapeutic massage and psychic channelling. Paulette’s life-long passion for learning and the study of holistic health matters, will often bring you an unusual or extra piece of information for consideration.

Paulette is the author of Traya’s Quest, (a children’s spiritual Odyssey and FAB Health, which unveils a new healing paradigm. It exposes the power of frequency, bioenergy, information field, light and electromagnetism to heal.  FAB Health shows us how to live skillfully without the need for pharmaceutical drugs and to re-attune to Source.

Having spent a few years almost bedridden and semi-paralysed due to Lyme and its co-infections, Paulette is no stranger to the problems of protracted illnesses. To help others with limited energy and mobility she made an online video series called Beyond Fatigue, containing 10 simple classes, short talks and advice for people with CF or incapacitated.

Paulette’s life work continues to explore and expose the interrelationship between natural medicine, spiritual laws, Gaia and cutting edge science. Paulette’s unusual life enables her to see the interconnection and entanglement of our thoughts, words, actions and feelings, with ourselves, others and our relationship to Source.

In a coaching session with Paulette, you may learn self-help skills such as: breathing, relaxation, visualisation, therapeutic movement, superfood nutrition, or see how your karma may govern your life and decisions.

Paulette can be found speaking to groups, appearing at conferences and hosting self-development retreats.  To book Paulette for your event: – contact   

A great lover of the environment and mysteries of nature, she enjoys many activities and adventures. Currently she resides in the Netherlands with her partner Ben and their three Pyrenean dogs.


Lyme Disease recovery.

Paulette contracted Lyme disease from a mosquito bite in Southern Sudan which resulted in a 10 year downward spiral of health. Eventually becoming critically ill and semi paralysed she was lucky to find a specialist in Europe who cured her without drugs using Frequency and Bioenergy (FAB) Medicine. Convinced this is the medicine of the future as we face the ‘rise of the super bug’ and antibiotic resistance globally, she is now dedicated to sharing this information world-wide through her book FAB Health, her CoRe Reset Programmes and Bioresonance treatments.