Can humanity heal without dependence on antibiotics or other drugs?

FAB Health introduces a new healing paradigm encompassing light, frequency and bioenergy as an alternative to antibiotics and other drugs. Using only FAB (Frequency and Bioenergy) medicine, Paulette Agnew completely recovered from Lyme disease not once, but twice coming back from the brink of death to radiant health.

Agnew’s trailblazing discoveries induce healing and awaken true power and potential. Readers are drawn into a breathtaking quantum world, which combines ancient medicine, spiritual laws and cutting-edge research. Fab Health reveals why and how disease develops and offers inexpensive strategies for eradication—a boon to many who have been searching for answers.


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“As people get sicker from toxins, superbugs, Lyme’s Disease, astonishing opportunities arise. Paulette’s book FAB Health arrives just in time and for you, the reader, can be a life saver.” — David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, Nutritionist

“What a GENIUS explanation of our bioelectric body and the new paradigm of medicine that is emerging! For doctors, practitioners, and individuals, this book is packed with insight and information about this new medical paradigm and how to apply it now.”  — Kim D’Eramo, D.O. Founder of The American Institute of Mind Body Medicine

“Paulette Agnew provides a roadmap towards better health, especially for anyone with a chronic condition such as Lyme Disease.”  — Antony Haynes, Functional Medicine Practitioner

“I highly recommend Paulette’s book to people with Lyme and those with chronic degenerative disease, as well as to those who simply want to better their health with tools that truly work.” — Connie Strasheim, Author,New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment

FAB Health – review by Sir Julian Rose
The rapid acceleration of startling break-throughs in the world of natural medicine and alternative treatments, would seem to bear testimony to the fact that we are entering into a period of ‘health enlightenment’. Millions, worldwide, are dumping Big Pharma and seeking a natural cure for ailments that, not long ago, were considered only curable via the operation theatre and months of intensive antibiotic prescriptions.
No longer. In her bubbling and illuminating investigations, Paulette Agnew flings open the window onto a whole new world of non toxic treatments that aim to bring into harmony cutting edge technological advances and the time honoured grandmotherly wisdom of the ages. The light literally pours in – as one shares with the author her metamorphosis from someone on the edge of death to a state of full recovery into the joyous fullness of a life to be lived.
A highly persuasive argument that rings out throughout this book, points us towards recognition of the holistic nature of our universe, ourselves and all life on our planet. The author leaps boldly into quantum mechanics, demonstrating how every factor of universal energy plays its role in the health and welfare of the billions of intelligent cells that comprise our living organism: body, mind and spirit. It’s challenging stuff – and I applaud the placing of such wisdom at the core of the text. The author states:
“This concept, our interconnection with all things, could be one of the greatest mysteries of life waiting for each of us to explore. The discovery of our entanglement and the responsibility that lies inherent within this knowledge must be the next step for humanity if we are to survive as a species.”
Here is the essential truth that has alluded mankind for so long. A truth which has been blocked by a system that is based on division, separation and tunnel vision decision making. That is where we are today. In politics, economics, education and yes – health care. But, as Bob Dylan noted back in 1962 “The Times They Are A Changin” and, even as the stagnant status quo flounders and fragments around us, we humans are grasping the nettle of something all-together greater and more purposeful.
We are becoming conscious; as Paulette says in the book “The vast majority of people live disconnected from this truth. They may think one thing and say something else, and their hearts have yet another desire and need. Healing is also bringing us back to this state of coherence.”
The healing process is indeed about coherence. Quantum coherence. It is about getting into balance all the unbalanced elements of our bodies and our minds. In FAB Health – we learn how the dance of photons and electrons can illuminate the pathways to health; how recharged negative ions spring to the defence of our immune systems; how new technical innovations can channel vibrational energies to revivify failing organs – and how sustained positive thinking and a local, fresh, ‘real food’ living diet, top all outside interventions.
I warmly recommend entering boldly into the adventure which lies ahead of you amongst the pages of this empowering book. You will come out the other end refreshed – positively hopping with bioenergetic inspiration – and increasingly eager to take-on new levels of self-empowerment.
Julian Rose