Relationship Healing

Love and/or Relationships – Reset Programme

Do they really love me?

What does my partner bring to my life?

Why am I struggling with my… child/mother in law/ex/neighbour etc..?

How can we improve our love life

What hidden issues and beliefs are causing problems between us?   

What stands in my way from finding my perfect partner?

Look into the depths and hidden feelings surrounding your relationship with a friend, loved one or family member. Family life and real love has its ups and downs. In busy lives it can take a lot of time to uncover what is really going on and even more to heal. Let the CoRe do most of the work to help you heal the pain lying at the source of our feelings and desires.

When blaming and criticising takes place it is often  because we don’t see our faults and patterns. We call these blind spots. All healthy, emotionally mature relationships, require effort, compassion, forgiveness and wisdom to neutralise the causes of stress between two people.  A CoRe treatment is like a reset button, recognising and then solving those problems, leading to more bliss and happiness.

Silver programme: €49.00  Relationship/Love Analysis

Book a CoRe relationship analysis for yourself in relation to someone else. You will be emailed your full report. Imagine living without all that anguish and agitation!

Gold Programme:  €69.00  Relationship / Love Analysis and 2 weeks reset treatment

Platinum programme: €99  Relationship / Love Analysis with 2 week reset treatment and 45 min coaching with Paulette.

An unconditional coach who truly listens to you and understands what you are feeling can be a great aid to transformation and healing in relationships. Paulette (an experienced quantum field practitioner and spiritual coach) and will ‘walk you through’ your analysis and offer unbiased support as you clear your deepest fears, blocks, challenges and beliefs. Your full participation enhances the CoRe transformative process and Paulette will offer thoughts and techniques to support your journey.