1 – Trauma, shock and emotional release – Reset Programme

Within the field of holistic medicine it is well known that unresolved trauma, shock and emotional dramas are often the beginning point of ill health and disease. They accumulate over a lifetime and deplete our immunity. They can come either as one big bang like a broken heart, betrayal, car crash, or sudden surgery. Or they can gradually add up, week after week. For example, if we find ourselves in a dysfunctional relationship, have excessive pressure at work, or have repeated strong treatments for an illness.

IBS, Lyme disease and cancer often begin after a sudden trauma or a deep depletion of the body’s energy levels. Finding these triggers with the CoRe and neutralising them enables the body to start healing and regain its balance once more. The human body, mind emotional complex wants to regain homeostasis. Once we find and acknowledge a key turning point the doorway opens to renewed vigour.

Treatment of trauma.

CoRe treatments work backwards in time, peeling and healing many years of suffering. Often we see a sudden change and sometimes it takes a few months to get down to that ‘big one’, resolving which, the body suddenly feels lighter and back on track. Each session and report will show your most pressing negative influences which are causing unbalance now.

In the Gold and Platinum Programmes, I will the use the CoRe to select specific remedies to reset and reprogramme your holographic body at the information field level. This allows the body to restore itself quickly, without danger of complications. The mind will then easily let go of any mental patterns and reactions that were triggered by the past experience. In turn allowing new positive and constructive thoughts and attitudes to develop.

Trauma can include:

Dentistry or surgery of any kind

X-ray or other exposure to radiation of all kinds including e-smog

Drug abuse, over use or repeated high doses of medicines

Chemical toxicity, perhaps from gardening, farming, vehicles, molds, cleaning products or work place toxins

Vaccinations and long haul travel

Broken bones or strains and fractures

Whiplash, spinal or head injuries.

End the cycle of suffering – and book your Platinum Reset Programme now. https://fabhealthbook.com/appointments/

CoRe Inergetix Analysis and Reprogramming

The CoRe is an Information Field device, designed to find and correct the causes of physical ill health, psychological and emotional issues and even remove the blocks to our personal and spiritual development.

It does this via accessing the quantum or morphogenic field with cutting-edge computer technology. The CoRe is designed to uncover and then dissolve those negative influences/imbalances within the information field. These hidden defects are the root of all our problems in this physical realm.

The solution lies beyond time and space

This unlimited information field lies beyond the physical dimensions of time and space. It is an invisible map (a record of every thought, feeling, action, reaction and desire for our whole life) which dictates who and what we have become today. Within it resides our beautiful thoughts and feeling, our passions and desires, our inspiration and wisdom, our beliefs and perspectives on life and our prayers and connection to Source. However, it also stores all our traumas, pain, unresolved difficulties and core issues which are like mini ‘time-bombs’, ticking away and causing disturbances and dysfunction in many areas of our lives.

Hidden fears and beliefs rob us of a perfect life

Sometimes we think our lives are out of control or predetermined but in fact, we are simply responding unconsciously to these hidden programmes running unbridled in this invisible field. Through the skill of your practitioner and the CoRe, these unhealthy bundles of information can be found, neutralised and reprogrammed so as to allow you to find wellness, stability and true joy.

A pain-free, happy and healthy life is available now

Paulette works with you and the CoRe to find the causes of your challenges or disease at this higher level, which when resolved will correspond to a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic transformation. Do you want to know your true purpose? Live a life of passion and clarity? Release obsolete and limiting thoughts! Most of the ideas we carry about ourselves and the world are simply impressions implanted in us by all those around us (most often our early parents and guardians, teachers and peers). Unpeel a lifetime of experiences and find the real, powerful and super charged you!

A CoRe appointment with Paulette can be used to:

Gain an overview of your health issues

Discover hidden blocks to your personal success and happiness

Release past traumas and painful memories

Together we access the vast collective data base of all memories affecting your 100 trillion cells. We aim to find the source of a problem and its best solutions. Its powerful stuff!

The many possibilities available with a CoRe Analysis and Reprogramming:

  • To stabilise and balance thoughts, behavioural patterns and emotional reactions.
  • Heal and harmonise relationships, be they with a colleague, friend or relative and even with a deceased person.
  • Find the unconscious issues and belief structures that are hidden from our normal awareness.
  • Strengthen immunity, vitality, cellular health and physical wellness.
  • Detect and neutralise fungus, bacteria, virus and other sources of disease.
  • Detox not just the cells but our deepest traumas.
  • Test what supplements or nutrition changes you may need.
  • Encourage the body systems and organs to work efficiently and normally.
  • Detect and neutralise a problem before it manifests!
  • Remote or distant spiritual healing.
  • Clear issues around work, business and finances.

How to book and access your unlimited self.

Book the silver, gold or platinum programme through this website.

Then simply send me your name, date of birth and place of birth. There is only one you in the universe! I will email you a written report of the session and if appropriate some further comments to help you understand the analysis. The CoRe will show both conscious and unconscious patterns, which may be known or a surprise to you and may even stem in the distant past. You then have the opportunity to work and resolve on those issues. In the gold and platinum appointments, I will also broadcast a remote rebalancing programme which will rectify those ‘glitches’ and aid your growth, healing and transformation.

You, the information field and Source are entangled. All things are interrelated and constantly changing. It’s time to get back towards your true, unlimited, joyful and powerful self.

Stop struggling and suffering – Book your Platinum Reset Programme now. https://fabhealthbook.com/appointments/


A CoRe therapy is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. You need to take part in making correct choices and appropriate changes. The CoRe Inergetix should not be used as a replacement for your local medical practitioner.

Silver programme: €49 / £49 / $49

Book a Silver CoRe Analysis to:

*Discover deeply buried challenges and blocks to wellness and happiness.

*Expose limiting beliefs and core issues that disrupt every aspect of our lives

*Choose any of the 6 Reset Programmes and book your ‘Silver’ analysis.

*You will receive your full report via email.

Gold Programme: €69 / £69 / $69

A Gold programme contains:

*A full analysis of the challenges facing you in any of the Reset Programme appointments.

*Quantum solutions as defined by the CoRe in your analysis.

*7 day treatment with the CoRe to rebalance and resolve issues held within the Information Field. For example, the CoRe will detect that you may need a crystal, homeopathic or Flower essence remedies (or other) which will then will be broad cast to you. (There are tens of thousands of remedies stored in the CoRE database).

*Cost saving! – The frequencies and healing information is transmitted directly to you. This way, we can change remedies every week and avert the need to go out and buy endless remedies, supplements and healing ingredients.

Platinum programme: €99 / £99 / $99

A Platinum programme contains:

*Full analysis of the challenges and core beliefs in any of the 6 Reset Programmes.

*Quantum solutions as determined by the CoRe.

*7 day treatment with the CoRe to rebalance and resolve issues held within the Information Field. All remedies are transmitted directly to you.

*Interpretation and discussion of your CoRe report with Paulette (45 min).

*Coaching/channelled advice. During the 45 minutes, Paulette may also offer advice to help you work with your body, mind and emotions.

Clients booking a series of Platinum programmes are eligible for discounts, please contact for details.